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Reconstruction bicycle path

Situated in Noordwijk, close to The Hague in the Netherlands, is the Kennemerland Nature Reserve. The bicycle path there was reconstructed in the most environmentally friendly manner using the PowerCem technology.

Oil platform

In Urucu in the Amazon region, oil drilling is in progress. The drilling companies have to comply with a number of strict conditions that also affect the surfacing upon which the oil-drilling machines are placed.

Grass silage sites

Under the authority of the Forest Management Agency of the Northern Netherlands, grass silage sites are being constructed at some 10 sites in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. During the summer months, the grass is mown and stored so that it can be fed to the animals in the winter.

Athos-Vatopedi Monastery

On the Holy Peninsula of Athos, PowerCem Technologies had been requested to make the access road near the Vatopedi Monastery. The Vatopedi Monastery is one of the many Greek Orthodox monasteries on the Peninsula near the Holy Mountain of Athos.

MWH Global at Clay Mills - Piling Mats and Constru

Virtually any soils found on construction sites, including organic top soils and most contaminated soils found on site can be stabilized by the use of our unique RoadCem Technology to form effective Piling Mats and Construction Platforms.