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ImmoCem is a unique product.

ImmoCem is used for the immobilisation/stabilisation of polluted sites and contaminated materials. These contaminated materials are converted into safe building materials.

ImmoCem is used to turn contaminated soil and sludge into a non-hazardous construction material. ImmoCem is highly suitable for the immobilisation of inorganic and organic chemically loaded substances (PAHs) and the immobilisation of heavy metals. ImmoCem offers a unique, effective and sustainable solution for the redevelopment of land under the regulations for re-use and recovery.

ImmoCem works based on the formation of durable crystalline structures (cage structures) in which the chemical pollution is durably set as dimensionally stable or integrated, so leaching into the environment can no longer take place. If ImmoCem is used in combination with cement, practically any material can be bonded in such a way that a new composite material is formed with high quality construction properties. This new composite material can be manufactured from soil with a high organic substance level or sludge.

ImmoCem is an environmentally friendly product as established by bodies including Dutch accredited and certified laboratories following 100-year leachate simulation. Composite materials made dimensionally stable with the use of ImmoCem have successfully passed testing as a Category 1 building material according to the Dutch Building Materials Decree.

ImmoCem is a relatively simple ABC method with which the product can be manufactured using existing techniques.

ImmoCem is the ideal product for your many diverse environmental protection projects.