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RoadCem was specially developed for applications in road building and hydraulic engineering. RoadCem is a fine, powdered blend that displays unique properties in the end product.

RoadCem enables the binding of nearly all kinds of materials to form road hardening making use of in situ materials such as clay, sand and peat. This principle makes the supply or disposal of materials unnecessary.

The use of in situ materials and the unique properties of the product allow the creation of an infrastructure in a more cost-effective way and with a shorter construction time, whether this concerns roads of the various categories, or the efficient stabilisation of ground for various applications such as dams and dikes, slopes and other supporting constructions.

RoadCem improves and increases the physical properties of road metalling in general, and essentially those of all cement-bonded materials which are used in for example earthworks, road building and hydraulic engineering. This means it is possible to apply surfacing without dilatations or with an absolute minimum of dilatations. RoadCem in combination with cement even allows the use of normally unsuitable secondary construction materials.

Why RoadCem in your project?

  •     Cost-effective
  •     Shorter construction time
  •     Use of in situ materials
  •     Use of secondary materials
  •     Durability and quality
  •     Used worldwide in extreme areas

In past decades the RoadCem product has been successfully used worldwide for the stabilisation of earthworks, road building and hydraulic engineering projects.

These include road construction projects, large port trans-shipment areas, parking facilities, industrial floors etc.