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Innovations for better solutions!


PowerCem Technologies operates an in-house materials engineering laboratory. Here we offer the possibility to carry out standardised and advanced tests for earthworks, road building and hydraulic engineering. The laboratory can offer worldwide support, and based on clients' request can carry out design optimization for specific projects. Additionally, our lab focuses continuously on research and development and quality assurance improvements.

Our own laboratory's activities also include the analysis of soil types and determining physical parameters such as compression strength, E-modulus and bending/tensile strength. PowerCem Technologies also disposes of the 4-point bending test set-up that tests a material's fatigue properties. These are just a number of the test set-ups that PowerCem Technologies has at its disposal.

The international nature of PowerCem Technologies enables our laboratory to work closely together with laboratories from home and abroad. We are accordingly in partnership with the TU Delft. This results in a synergy between the available knowledge and the various internationally used test methods.

Fatique bench