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Innovations for better solutions!


Construction of Floor

In Saint Petersburg, a large German electronics group will be constructing a distribution centre for storing computer equipment. The storage area will encompass 8,000m2 of floor space. RoadCem stabilisation has earned a solid reputation, and the electronics group was quick to recognise its potential.

Main road Urucu

In Urucu in the Amazon region, roads are subjected to extreme forces as a result of heavy lorries, the relative weakness of the clay layer and the extreme weather conditions.


In the village of Sliven, the city council wants to upgrade the existing road constructions. Some streets are in a very poor condition. For example one of these roads that was reconstructed with RoadCem, a product that is based on PowerCem Technology.

Acces Roads

In Qatar, an access road to an agricultural site was constructed with RoadCem. The client chose a pavement construction with RoadCem due to the high quality standard, economic profit, and ecological advantage.

México City, railemplacement

In the North of Mexico City, next to highway 57 (Mexico City – Queretaro) a Rail terminal is reconstructed by using PowerCem based Technology. The terminal is heavily used, on this 70.000 m 2 terminal, every day 2.000 containers are handled. The product RoadCem is used to strengthen the current hydraulic unbound material.