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: Bulgaria
: Sliven
: 2014
: RoadCem

In the village of Sliven, the city council wants to upgrade the existing road constructions. Some streets are in a very poor condition. For example one of these roads that was reconstructed with RoadCem, a product that is based on PowerCem Technology.
The current road construction shows some severe damage, such as:
the asphalt surface is eroded and during the years considerable deformation of the pavement occurred and potholes have formed.
A decision was made to repair the street using PowerCem technology. No asphalt layer was planned. To be able to achieve the required levels to match the neighbouring streets, some material had to be added. In the vicinity, a big thermal power station is in operation. The power plant creates some waste materials like fly ash and slags. The slags are the residue of the burning process. The granular size of the slag is 0-4 mm. – resembling normal building sand. However, it is not appropriate to be used as a building material with traditional methods.
The following construction steps are taken:

  •     Crushing the existing asphalt and foundation material.
  •     Adding the fly-ash/slags.
  •     Compacting the material.
  •     Spreading and mixing RoadCem and water.
  •     Levelling and compacting.
  •     Spreading and mixing of cement.
  •     Compacting and Levelling.
  •     Final compaction and smoothing the surface with a tyre compactor.

The objectives were met, and the street was finished within 24 hours.

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