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Main road Urucu

: Brazil
: Urucu
: 2014
: RoadCem

In Urucu in the Amazon region, roads are subjected to extreme forces as a result of heavy lorries, the relative weakness of the clay layer and the extreme weather conditions.
Working conditions in the Amazon region are also far from simple. As it is impossible to estimate when downpours will occur, it is important that a quick construction method is used. This minimises time lost due to saturation after heavy rainfall.
In the Amazon region, it is important that the technology and techniques employed have as little impact on the ecosystem as possible. In addition, the ground upon which the road is constructed must be able to reforest at the end of the road's operational life.
Using RoadCem stabilisation fulfils all of these vital preconditions. And in addition to being 30% cheaper, the quality of the surfacing is higher and the construction time is significantly reduced.  
After all, by using RoadCem, very few external materials have to be supplied in order to construct the road surfacing. As a result, you save on transport costs and you significantly reduce the road's carbon footprint. The unique crystal structure that RoadCem creates achieves extremely solid yet highly flexible stabilisation. These attributes prevent deformation and cracks.
Furthermore, at the end of the road's operational life, the stabilisation can simply be milled. This milled material is pH neutral and free of contaminants.


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