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Innovations for better solutions!


Cold recycling Malo Buchino

One of the entrances to the village of Malo Buchino needed to be renovated. During the renovation it was required that the road is not completely closed and should be accessible for traffic.

Highway Basra Region

PowerCem Iraq opened a new checkpoint on the highway between Basra and Bagdad. Checkpoints are built across the Republic of Iraq to enhance more security in the country.

LVV Terrain Bonaire

On Bonaire almost all building materials needs to be imported. For this reason the Public Body Bonaire is looking for innovative solutions which are sustainable, ecologically with an economic advantage to be achieves

Evaluation of roads on an industrial site

In Saint Petersburg in August 2013, an industrial site was constructed on a landfill. The on-site roads were constructed using RoadCem stabilisation covered with a 5cm layer of asphalt. Saint Petersburg, like most of Russia, is renowned for its extremely cold winters. In the winter of 2013-2014, the lowest recorded temperature dropped below -30oC.

Agricultural plant

In Issad, 120km to the north-east of Saint Petersburg, a dairy company underwent rapid growth in a very short time. It therefore needed to quickly expand its infrastructure. In addition to new milking sheds, paving was also required for feed storage. The paving had to cover a large area because the feed, consisting of hay and grass, has to be stored for a periods of around 9 months. This is due in part to the long Russian winters.