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Innovations for better solutions!


La Piedad, 14 km highway

In the central area of Mexico, between La Piedad and Zamora, is a 14 km highway build with the use of PowerCem Technology, a new section of the Federal Highway 37. Among the stabilization of the highway [1], also the intersections [2], the embankments of the bridges [3], as well as a joint-free bridge/embankment constructions [4] are constructed.

Mexico 70 km Highway Chiapas

In the State of Chiapas the existing highway 157 , between Tuxltla Gutiérez and La Revolución was in a very poor condition. The state of Chiapas ordered that the existing highway over a length of 70 km needed to be reconstructed in just 2,5 months’ time. By using PowerCem Technology (PCT) this “mission impossible” was succeeded successfully. The SCT (Federal Road Agency) is well known with the unique properties of PCT. The reconstruction of the highway 157 showed major benefits regarding economics, low ecological footprint and saving valuable construction time.

Sewage plant Cambridge Growth

The project was for Permanent & Temporary haulage routes to access ASP & FST water effluent tanks, where a heavy construction plant is required to operate. The peaty topsoil materials were stabilised in two 0.3 m layers, giving an overall depth of 0.6 m.

Moscow Country Club

In September 2013, the international Golf tournement “ The Russian open“ will take place. On August 14th there was decided to start to renovate the 3 km long Avenue that connects the Golf Court with the Road network of Moscow. Due to the short construction time, high quality and the economic benefit, the client concluded that using RoadCem was the solution.

Platform logistic center

In the Amazon area of eastern Ecuador, on the shores of the Napa River, a logistics facility centre of an oil and gas company is constructed. At this logistics centre, the soil is stabilised with RoadCem. The technical demands of the construction are that it must be able to bear high loads, such as heavy construction vehicles and the storages of steel pipes.