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Hoge Valkse Engweg, Ede

: The Netherlands
: Ede
: 2012
: RoadCem

On the Hoge Valkse Engweg in Lunteren [municipality of Ede], a special project is being carried out using the technology of PowerCem under the authority of and in cooperation with the municipality of Ede and the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Providing support for sustainable and highly promising innovations is part of the philosophy of the city of Ede, which provides small-scale opportunities for promising market developments.


The Hoge Valkse Engweg is subdivided into 18 sections. These sections are stabilized with 6 different subgrades mixed with RoadCem and cement in 3 different ratios per subgrade. The subgrades used here are sand, clay, in-situ sand, sandy clay, war debris and milled asphalt.  Each section is stabilized to form a strong, bound foundation with an ARC-top layer.


The processing of these sections took place under fluctuating climatological conditions—12°C and dry while being laid, around 0°C with a great deal of precipitation on the following two days after which a 3-week freeze period started with temperatures down to -14°C and a substantial amount of winter precipitation. Visual inspection of the sections occurs at specific times, and drilling core and substrate samples are taken to monitor the progression of the binding and the influence of the climatological conditions on the construction.

This year, in cooperation with the TU Delft, a scientific study will be carried out investigating the differences between the results attained under laboratory conditions and those attained on site.


In addition to its commitment to provide space for innovations of this caliber, an important factor for the city of Ede when considering the application of the PowerCem technology was the fact that the utilization of this technology can result in savings on the costs of the municipal road network in the future when compared to traditional methods.

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