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Airport Brno

: Czech Republic
: Brno
: 2012
: RoadCem

Due to the increase in air traffic and the size of the airplanes utilizing the airport, one of the taxiways at the Brno Airport is being widened. The air traffic must continue on uninterrupted throughout the construction activities. This is one of the most important reasons for choosing the technology from PowerCem.

After all, the PowerCem technology makes it possible to bind the in-situ material into a strong, flexible stabilization using the RoadCem product and cement. Using the in-situ material means that the supply and removal of construction materials is kept to a minimum and the amount of traffic caused by construction needs is drastically limited. This helps ensure that the safety of the air and construction traffic will not be endangered in any way.

The in-situ subgrade, consisting of sandy clay with gravel and stones, is first profiled, which removes the largest stones. Then, RoadCem is added to the material and mixed with water after which a cement layer is applied which is then mixed together with the first mixture and water and transformed into a stabilization with high compression strength and elasticity. After the completion of this stabilization, a 5cm surface layer of asphalt is applied. The total construction time amounted to 24 hours.

During the construction activities, the air traffic was not obstructed in any way; there were not even any flight delays at the time of construction. The utilization of the in-situ material not only resulted in time-savings, but a cost-saving of 25% in comparison with traditional construction methods was also achieved. Since the use of RoadCem produces high compression strength and a high degree of flexibility, the stabilization is easy to maintain, which can lead to a savings of between 25 and 60% in the future.

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