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Access and Connecting roads to drilling platforms

: Brazil
: Urucu
: 2012
: RoadCem

Here in the Amazon jungle, close to the Urucu River, there are drilling platforms operating. In the rainy season, the access and connecting roads to these platforms are impassable due to the washing away of road surfaces. And since RoadCem, a product from PowerCem Technologies, produces water-resistant infrastructure, Petrobas has chosen to utilize it for these roads.


In other countries, the PowerCem technology has already proven to be able to produce road surfaces that are resistant to heavy rainfall and flooding. These results have been endorsed by UNESCO-IHE. Furthermore, the application of RoadCem also produces an environmentally friendly construction, because the stabilization of the in-situ subgrade, the rich clay, becomes possible with the addition of RoadCem. This means that few materials must be supplied or removed from the area. The constructed stabilization is durable, since the stabilization with RoadCem has a high load-bearing capacity and a high degree of flexibility.


Due to the heavy rainfall in tropical areas, various measures, such as the covering of the roadway to be constructed, must be taken when paving roads in these areas. Using RoadCem makes construction times shorter and therefore the weather conditions can be more easily anticipated. This means that no tent must be erected over the roadway if a RoadCem stabilization is being laid.


At the end of the rainy season, after extreme rainfall and a number of floods and under full loads, the stabilization built with RoadCem was intact.

With the utilization of PowerCem technology, all environmental requirements were met and both a short construction time and a cost-savings of 20% were realized in comparison with the use of traditional methods. In the future these savings can increase to 40-50% as a result of low maintenance costs.

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