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Innovations for better solutions!


Airport Brno

Due to the increase in air traffic and the size of the airplanes utilizing the airport, one of the taxiways at the Brno Airport is being widened. The air traffic must continue on uninterrupted throughout the construction activities. This is one of the most important reasons for choosing the technology from PowerCem.

Access and Connecting roads to drilling platforms

Here in the Amazon jungle, close to the Urucu River, there are drilling platfs operating. In the rainy season, the access and connecting roads to these platforms are impassable due to the washing away of road surfaces. And since RoadCem, a product from PowerCem Technologies, produces water-resistant infrastructure, Petroormbas has chosen to utilize it for these roads.

Evaluation of pilot project

In December 2012, a road was constructed in the Amazon region using RoadCem. The construction consists of a RoadCem-stabilised layer of clay upon which an asphalt cover layer was applied over 1 year later.

Hoge Valkse Engweg, Ede

On the Hoge Valkse Engweg in Lunteren [municipality of Ede], a special project is being carried out using the technology of PowerCem under the authority of and in cooperation with the municipality of Ede and the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Providing support for sustainable and highly promising innovations is part of the philosophy of the city of Ede, which provides small-scale opportunities for promising market developments.

Motorway between Riyadh and Mecca

The Ministry of Transport in Saudi Arabia invited PowerCem Technologies to execute a project on the motorway between Riyadh and Mecca. In this desert-like area, natural resources are scarce and desert sand is traditionally difficult to stabilize. The desert sand was successfully stabilized and used as a foundation for a motorway approach road.